Gather Customers Feedback in Telegram

Gather feedback from your customers, clients, or subscribers with the easy-to-use chatbot.

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Built to be Painless

Based on fast, secure and powerful messenger

Only Telegram Needed

Answer to feedback on your phone, laptop or web through Telegram messenger

History, Search, Translation

Use built-in Telegram search, history or translate features to work with your feedback

Physical and Online invites

Place invite link on your website, subscription, or print QR link to gather feedback on-site

Simple Pricing

Start for free, pay when time comes



  • Connect a single client chatbot
  • Receive unlimited number of feedbacks
  • Limited to 100 replies per month

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  • No FeedbackBots copyright
  • Receive unlimited number of feedbacks
  • Unlimited number of replies
  • Priority support

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One Chatbot

To Support, Answer Questions and Gather Feedback

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